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The production of foie gras on our farm is the result of blending artisanal techniques with special care for the birds we raise. We go to great lengths to ensure the well-being and the humane treatment of the ducks, and to observe the State and National Laws that govern farming practices. Despite these efforts, there are groups and individuals who oppose our right to produce foie gras, and your right to serve and enjoy it. Some of these groups go to extreme measures to try to abolish all meat products from American tables altogether. As of July 1, 2012, the sale and production of foie gras will be banned in the state of California. We invite you to visit: www.chefstandards.com for more information, and to support C.H.E.F.S.

Testimonies from Veterinary Medicine Professionals

The Past, Present and Future of force-feeding and foie gras production, by Dr. Daniel Guemene and Gerard Guy (Directors of Research & Senior Scientist of the National Institute of Agronomic Research in France)

Letter from Dr. Daniel Guémené, Director of Research & Senior Scientist of the National Institute of Agronomic Research in France, to the Chicago City Council, on the foie gras ban (includes research work on the subject).

Letter from Dr. Lawrence W. Bartholf, DVM to the Chicago City Council, on the foie gras ban.

Letter from Dr. Jeanne Smith, DVM to the California Senate Committee, on Senate Bill 1520 - Ban on Foie Gras in California.

Organization Presenting the Facts About Foie Gras

C.H.E.F.S. The Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards

Artisan Farmers Alliance: Group representing America’s foie gras farmers and others involved in bringing artisanal agricultural products to the American table. Sign our PETITION to Keep Foie Gras Legal in California!

Articles Illustrating Our Challenges

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